Tasting Favorites

Wine Tasting Favorites features articles description the favorite wines from the Sonoma State University Winesense Club as well as in-class tastings. The majority of the articles are contributed by wine business majors and campus club officers.

Toasting Trione Winery at Over 100 Years in Sonoma County


Russian River Vineyards – A Winery with an 1890


Historic Farmhouse Restaurant and Organic Food Garden


Wines for the Lawyer and Sicilian in Your Life – Emmitt-Scorsone Winery


The Unknown Story of Gloria Ferrer Champagne Cave’s First Venture into the US Market


3 Responses to Tasting Favorites

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  2. Eric Walter Kritz says:

    Not clear on this organization: membership and/or tastings open only to SSU students? Or only to those in age range 21-33? Hell, I’m 67! If only open to SSU students, does “membership” in LLI count, or simply taking an extension course (Open University)?? Kindly clarify, sounds like a great group. Thanks.

    • lizthach says:


      Thanks for your message and interest. Currently this is for SSU Students, including extension course. Hope this helps. LIz

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